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  • Friday, July 29, 2016

Top Riesling - Wines of Germany Tasting 2016

Riesling & Co. Wines of Germany 2016
The next post in my continuing series of wine tastings in May is the Riesling & Co. Wines of Germany tasting that was held in at the Arcadian Loft on Bay Street.

This event tends to be one of my favourite tastings of the year because I love my Rieslings, especially the wines from Germany. And while there were plenty of delicious German Riesling wines of various sweetness levels, I was a bit disappointed with the fact that very few showed the lovely petrol nose that I was seeking. Furthermore, there seems to be a growing trend of producing more dry instead of sweet Riesling in Germany. Personally, I prefer the sweeter styles.

In addition to Riesling, there were a few delicious Pinot Noirs, such as the Thörle Saulheimer Hölle Spätburgunder 2013 (90+ pts, $60). There was also the delicious Weingut Am Stein Stettener Stein Silvaner 2014 (89 pts) and a surprising Cabernet Sauvignon & Merlot blend in the Frey Assemblage 2013.

My most memorable wine of the event was a German Eiswein. This was my first time ever tasting Eiswein and it was absolutely delicious - I can see why most of it never leaves the borders of Germany (because not much is made, and what ever is made is scooped up by the locals). Wine reviews of my other favourite German wines are provided below. None of these wines are available at the LCBO, but you can contact the Agent for pricing and availability.

Tasting Notes:

Highly aromatic with wet stone, mineral, lime, peach and stone fruit. The palate is sweet with balanced aroma replays and lively acids. Excellent finish length. Contact Churchill Cellars for ordering info. Score: 93 pts

Rappenhof Niersteiner Oelberg Riesling Auslese 2014 - Rheinhessen, Germany (93 pts)Schloss Schönborn Jubiläum Hattenheimer Pfaffenberg Riesling Spätlese 2011 - Rheingau, Germany (91 pts)

The nose is highly aromatic, offering peach, apricot, orange, citrus and some wet stone aromas. It's medium-bodied with bright, balanced acids and very nice aroma replays. Balanced and very long finishing. Contact H.H.D. Imports for ordering info. Score: 91 pts

An effervescence wine with white peach and citrus aromas and flavours, joined by apricot, honey and mature petrol notes on the medium-sweet palate. Acids are still quite juicy, finish is long-lasting. Contact H.H.D. Imports for ordering info. Score: 91 pts

Reichsgraf Von Kesselstatt Josephshöfer Riesling Spätlese Monopol 2003 - Mosel, Germany (91 pts)Julius Treis Goldlay Riesling Spätlese 2015 - Mosel, Germany (91 pts)

Medium-high intensity nose featuring white peach, apricot, citrus, pink grapefruit and stony minerality with terrific complexity. It's medium-dry with aroma replays led by orangey citrus notes. Very well balanced with finely tuned acids, and excellent finish length. Not represented in Ontario at time of tasting. Score: 91 pts

THÖRLE SAULHEIMER SCHLOSSBERG RIESLING 2014 - Rheinhessen, Germany (D) - $50
Medium+ intensity nose with mineral and lime aromas. The medium+ bodied palate offers a chalky texture with more mineral notes, high acids, and fine length with more minerally tones. Contact Univins and Spirits to order. Score: 91 pts

Thörle Saulheimer Schlossberg Riesling 2014 - Rheinhessen, Germany (91 pts)Burg Ravensburg Husarenkappe Riesling Grosses Gewächs 2013 - Baden, Germany (91 pts)

A single site wine from vines that are more than 40 years old, this Riesling has an appealing, highly aromatic nose of petrol, orange, apricot that's very clean. Just a touch off-dry, it has flavours of orange, peach and stony minerality. Nicely balacned with very good acidity and finishing long. Contact Halpern Wine Enterprises to order. Score: 91 pts

Highly aromatic, so intoxicating with lovely honey, apricot, and peach aromas that come from the drops I was poured. The palate is medium-bodied and very sweet with gentle acidity that balances the sweet aroma replays very well. Excellent length on the finish. Was seeking representation in Ontario. Score: 92 pts

Weingut Am Stein Stettener Stein Riesling Eiswein 2012 - Franken, Germany (92 pts)

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  • Sunday, August 17, 2014

Wine Reviews - August 16th Birthday Party

Here are wine reviews of some of the wines we enjoyed yesterday at my 1-year-old daughter's 1st birthday party. The big winners among guests were definitely the Minervois and the Crianza as I received lots of positive comments about both of those red wines.

Tasting Notes:
KÖNIGSCHAFFHAUSER VULKANFELSEN PINOT NOIR ROSÉ TROCKEN 2013 - Qualitätswein, Baden, Germany (#168237) (D) - $13.95
From the Vintages release and quite a few remain in stock depending on which LCBO is nearest to you. Fresh aromas of medium+ intensity with a nose of strawberry, rose, cherry and grapefruit. It's light-to-medium bodied and off-dry on the palate with more grapefruit, cherry and hints of honey flavours. Very fresh mouthfeel with zippy, refreshing acids. Good length on the finish. Score: 88 pts
Wine Review of 2013 Königschaffhauser Vulkanfelsen Pinot Noir Rosé Trocken from Baden, Germany

ERRÁZURIZ MAX RESERVA SAUVIGNON BLANC 2013 - Aconcagua Costa, Chile (#273342) (XD) - $15.95
First tasted at the Errázuriz winemaker tasting . Highly aromatic gooseberry, cat pee, and herbal aromas from the glass. Light-to-medium bodied on the palate along with a slightly creamy texture. Balanced aroma replays, plus green pepper, lime peel notes on the palate. Has lively acidity and a lengthy finish. Classic Sauvignon Blanc. LCBO General List and on sale at select LCBO outlets. Score: 89 pts

Wine Review of 2013 Errázuriz Max Reserva Sauvignon Blanc from Aconcagua Valley, Chile

VINELAND ESTATES SEMI-DRY RIESLING 2012 - VQA Niagara Peninsula, Ontario, Canada (#232033) (D) - $13.95
LCBO General List product. Medium-high aromas that show lemon, pear, tropical fruit and hint of petrol. Slight spritz on the off-dry palate with lively acids, lemon, mineral, and touch of honeyed fruit flavours. Finish is lengthy, with sweetness tapering off to a dry finish. Even though designated as "semi-dry", was not as sweet as I expected. Score: 88+ pts

Wine Review of 2012 Vineland Estates Semi-Dry Riesling from VQA Niagara Peninsula, Ontario, Canada

CHÂTEAU DE GOURGAZAUD CUVÉE MATHILDE MINERVOIS 2011 - AC, Midi, France (#958629) (XD) - $14.95
From Vintages release. Blend of Syrah and Mourvèdre. Medium+ aroma intensity with blackberry, blackcherry and hints of violet. On the palate, it's medium-full bodied with round tannins that are nicely integrated. Pleasing aroma replays, along with black pepper and red cherry notes. Acids are well-balanced. Finish is long and smooth. Score: 88 pts

Wine Review of 2011 Château de Gourgazaud Cuvée Mathilde Minervois from AC, Midi, France

ABAD DOM BUENO CRIANZA 2006 - DO Bierzo, Spain (#244699) (XD) - $14.95
From the Vintages release and virtually sold out. Made using the Mencía grape and highly fragrant with sinewy black fruits, violets, smoky oak and hint of barnyard from the glass. On the palate, it's full-bodied with very nice aroma replays, earthy and elegant oak spice. Big, smooth tannins are still full and integrating nicely. Very good acids and length. Ageing gracefully at 8 years old, will reward further 4-5 years in cellar. Expect some sediment. Reminds me of a Brunello. Amazing value. Score: 90 pts
Wine Review of 2006 Abad Dom Bueno Crianza from DO Bierzo, Spain

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  • Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Heitlinger Mellow Silk Pinot Noir 2011 (Baden) - Wine Review

Continuing with my German wines tasting, the next wine on the list is this Pinot Noir. This grape is the most widely planted red grape in Germany, and the third most widely planted overall - behind Riesling and not far behind Rivaner.

I opened this red wine and paired it with oven-roasted chicken. This wine was part of the last year's October 12 Vintages release and is still available at the LCBO.

HEITLINGER MELLOW SILK PINOT NOIR 2011 - Qualitätswein, Baden, Germany (#344697) (XD) - $16.95

Wine Review of 2011 Heitlinger Mellow Silk Pinot Noir from Baden, Germany
Tasting Note:
Screw cap. Low to medium nose that features smoke, pepper, earth, and mushroom aromas. Light-bodied with delicate, yet firm tannins. It's dry with pepper, tomato leaf, herbal, earth and hints of mushroom and strawberry on the palate. Tannins a bit chalky at mid-palate and some heat on the medium-long finish. Chill slightly. Paired well with oven-roasted chicken that was seasoned in Mrs. Dash Chili Seasoning. Score: 87 pts

Roasted chicken seasoned with Mrs. Dash Chili Seasoning

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  • Tuesday, January 7, 2014

German Wines - Part 3

Here are two more wines I received courtesy of Wines of Germany Canada. The first two wines were reviewed here and here.

The first wine reviewed below is a Sparkling Wine in the 200 mL size, which is (likely) available in packs of 3 at the LCBO. It's on the sweet side and makes a good alternative for those who like Moscato d'Asti. The second wine reviewed in this post is a medium (in sweetness) Riesling. Both of these wines are easy drinking wines that are suitable for gatherings where your guests enjoy sweeter wines.

HENKELL TROCKEN DRY-SEC PICCOLO - Baden, Germany (#009118) (MD) (200 mL) - $11.45

Wine Review of Henkell Trocken Dry-Sec Piccolo from Baden, Germany
Tasting Note:
Comes in pack of 3. Screw cap on this 200 mL bottle. Medium-high intensity aromas of apple, floral and hints of barnyard from the glass. Good, crisp bubbles and fresh acidity. Palate is quite sweet with lemon/lime, citrus and honeydew. Fairly light-weight and finishing short-medium in length. For a Trocken Dry-Sec, it's quite sweet. Score: 83 pts

DEINHARD GREEN LABEL RIESLING 2012 - Qualitätswein, Mosel, Germany (#008094) (M) - $11.95

Wine Review of 2012 Deinhard Green Label Riesling from Mosel, Germany
Tasting Note:
Screw cap. This white wine has muted aromas of pink grapefruit, peach, and Flintstones vitamins. Medium in sweetness with white peach, floral, petrol, and wet rocks on the palate. Hints of honey linger on the medium-long finish. Good acidity and medium bodied. Score: 86 pts

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