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  • Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Great Lakes Brewery Chill Winston Grisette + Neal Brothers Kettle-style Chips

Canadian Treats for Canada Day
To kick back this , I decided to open up a few locally-made, Canadian treats that I recently received.

First up are a pair of newly launched, chef-inspired Kettle-style Potato Chips created by Neal Brothers in collaboration with Montreal chef and television host Chuck Hughes, and Vancouver-based chef and CBC's newest Dragon, Vikram Vij.

Chuck's Srirachup chips shows a nice blend of sweet ketchup and spicy sriracha on the nose with more of the same flavours, and some garlicky notes. Has a nice kick to it. Quite nice.

The Vikram's Delhi-licious chips show a blend of garam masala and curry aromas, and also reminds me of homemade white potato & green pea samosas flavoured with mineral salts.

Neal Brothers Vij's Delhi-licious and Srirachup Chips
Both of these flavours were inspired by each chef's own cuisine, and favourite spices and sauces. Neal Brothers' line of Kettle-style potato chips are hand-cut, crispy chips using naturally-grown non-GMO potatoes and contain no preservatives or artificial flavours. Chips are kettle-cooked in non-GMO sunflower oil and dusted with natural spices and seasonings.

Other flavours in this line include Himalayan Pink Salt, Sweet & Smoky BBQ, Pink Salt and Vinegar, and Maple Bacon, none of which I have tasted yet but hope to try in the near future.

Launched in May 2012, Neal Brothers Kettle-style Chips are now available at well-known retailers, independent specialty and natural food stores across Canada.

Review of Great Lakes Brewery Chill Winston Grisette Beer
The second treat is the Chill Winston Grisette beer made by 2013 & 2014 Canadian Brewery of the Year - Great Lakes Brewery. This beer is very summery in nature and shows floral, sweet citrus and spice aromas. Medium+ bodied with medium-fruitiness on the palate and some pleasing bitter notes on the long finish. 3.8% abv. Perfect at dockside.

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