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  • Date publishedMonday, February 27, 2017

VINTAGES Release March 4: Living on the Edge + British Columbia

LCBO Wine Picks from March 4, 2017 VINTAGES Release
The main theme in the upcoming LCBO VINTAGES Release on is titled "Living on the Edge" - which is meant to say that tough terroir yields great wine - while the mini-theme focuses on wines from British Columbia. All of these wines will be on LCBO VINTAGES shelves on .

Winemakers around the globe seek out challenging conditions to grow grapes and produce better wines. Some of these examples include venturing into freezing temperatures, intense heat, mountains and deserts. In this release, 13 wines are listed and 4 are included among my top wine picks. Some regions (such as Chablis in northern Burgundy and Ontario) have cool-climates and generally shorter growing seasons. White wine grapes are more suitable for this type of climate and can deliver high quality grapes year-after-after. The Chablis is made from 100% Chardonnay and receives very little oak treatment. Grapes for Icewine can only be picked (often by hand) when temperatures are -8°C or below, and produce only 15% of the juice it would for a regular table wine. In this release, the Vidal Icewine from Reif is offered. The Riesling grapes for the Piesporter Riesling Kabinett are literally living on the edge as they come from the steep, red-slate slopes on the north bank of the Mosel river in Germany. Lastly, the wine from Lebanon is approximately equal parts Cabernet Sauvignon, Cinsault and Carignan, and comes from the very warm Bekaa Valley.

From the wines of British Columbia mini-thematic, only 1 of the 6 wines is included among my wine picks. It's a quality Gewürztraminer with a fun name - something I'm seeing more and more of coming out of B.C.

Dirty Laundry Woo Woo Vines Gewürztraminer 2015 (89 pts)

Among red wines from the rest of the release, the Lafage wine us an oak-free blend composed of 80% Syrah and 20% Grenache, while the Greek wine is a 50/50 blend of Xinomavro and Merlot. The red wine from Portugal is a blend of 6 local and international varietals, while the Rioja is made with Tempranillo. Lastly, the Châteauneuf-du-Pape is mostly Grenache (90%) and the rest other varietals.

In white wines, the Sancerre is a Sauvignon Blanc. For sweet wine lovers, look for the Fergie Jenkins Riesling as we approach the start of the Major League Baseball season.

The Champagne is a limited production wine made only in exceptional years and is a blend of 90% Pinot Noir and 10% Chardonnay that comes in a half size bottle which is certainly more wallet-friendly. This sparkling wine is released as a Flagship Store Exclusive.

Enjoy my wine recommendations from this release. Cheers!

Red Wine:

  • LA GARNACHA SALVAJE DEL MONCAYO 2014 - DO Navarra, Spain (#480020) (D) - $14.95
  • LAFAGE CÔTÉ SUD 2014 - IGP Côtes Catalanes, Roussillon, France (#395236) (XD) - $15.95
  • GENESIS XINOMAVRO-MERLOT 2014 - PGI Macedonia, Greece (#465914) (XD) - $16.95
  • FALCOARIA CLÁSSICO 2012 - DOC Tejo, Portugal (#379214) (D) - $19.95
  • SALENTEIN RESERVE CABERNET SAUVIGNON 2014 - Uco Valley, Mendoza, Argentina (#353177) (XD) - $19.95
  • IL MOLINO DI GRACE RISERVA CHIANTI CLASSICO 2009 - DOCG, Tuscany, Italy (#382945) (XD) - $24.95  reviewed here
  • BARÓN DE LEY GRAN RESERVA 2010 - DOCa Rioja, Spain (#642496) (XD) - $29.95
  • ROCCHE COSTAMAGNA ROCCHE DELL’ANNUNZIATA BAROLO 2012 - DOCG, Piedmont, Italy (#413484) (D) - $51.95
  • RAYMOND USSEGLIO CUVÉE IMPÉRIALE CHÂTEAUNEUF-DU-PAPE 2013 - Unfiltered, AC, Rhône, France (#022319) (D) - $57.95
  • FULIGNI BRUNELLO DI MONTALCINO 2011 - DOCG, Tuscany, Italy (#245225) (XD) - $61.95
  • CHATEAU MUSAR RED 2009 - Bekaa Valley, Lebanon (#109413) (XD) - $61.95
Il Molino di Grace Riserva Chianti Classico 2009 (91 pts)

White Wine:

  • FERGIE JENKINS LIMITED EDITION RIESLING 2014 - VQA Twenty Mile Bench, Niagara Escarpment, Ontario, Canada (#485326) (M) - $15.95
  • VINUM AFRICA CHENIN BLANC 2015 - WO Stellenbosch, South Africa (#739995) (XD) - $15.95
  • ANTON BAUER GMÖRK GRÜNER VELTLINER 2014 - Wagram/Osterreich, Austria (#467290) (XD) - $18.95
  • DIRTY LAUNDRY WOO WOO VINES GEWÜRZTRAMINER 2015 - BC VQA Okanagan Valley, British Columbia, Canada (#246140) (D) - $18.95  reviewed here
  • REINHOLD HAART PIESPORTER RIESLING KABINETT 2014 - Prädikatswein, Mosel, Germany (#727461) (MS) - $19.95
  • MONTES ALPHA CHARDONNAY 2014 - Casablanca Valley, Chile (#390203) (XD) - $19.95  reviewed here
  • LOIMER LANGENLOIS GRÜNER VELTLINER 2015 - DAC Kamptal, Austria (#142240) (XD) - $21.95  reviewed here
  • WILLIAM FÈVRE CHAMPS ROYAUX CHABLIS 2015 - AC, Burgundy, France (#461640) (XD) - $23.95
  • DOMAINE BONNARD SANCERRE 2015 - AC, Loire, France (#140525) (XD) - $24.95
Loimer Langenlois Grüner Veltliner 2015 (90 pts)Montes Alpha Chardonnay 2014 (88+ pts)

Sparkling Wine:

  • PAUL BARA MILLESIME BRUT GRAND CRU CHAMPAGNE 2006 - Bouzy, AC, France (#487298) (XD) (375 mL) - $36.95  FSE


  • KOPKE 10-YEAR-OLD TAWNY PORT - DOP, Portugal (#473066) (S) - $31.95

Dessert Wine:

  • REIF VIDAL ICEWINE 2014 - VQA Niagara River, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Canada (#544791) (S) (200 mL) - $24.95

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  • Date publishedTuesday, February 21, 2017

Wine Tasting in Sonoma 2016

Stonestreet Wine Tasting
Back in , I had the pleasure of visiting Sonoma Wine Country for the very first time. This wine region has been on my radar for a while now, especially after the disappointment of not being able to visit Sonoma during my visit to nearby Napa Valley in 2012. After conducting various online searches and getting recommendations from friends of friends who had been to Sonoma previously, I settled on visiting 4 wineries, two of which who were new to me.

Sonoma County is quite a large and diverse wine region - also bigger than Napa Valley - comprising of various topographies, microclimates, and soil types. Almost 60,000 acres are planted with grapes, with the majority planted to Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon - the 3 grapes I was most looking forward to tasting on this trip.

The view from Stonestreet Wines
The first stop was the furthest - about 1.5 hours north of home base (Concord) - and located within the Alexander Valley AVA, just west of the town of Healdsburg. Stonestreet Estate Vineyards is known for their premium, high-quality Mountain Vineyard wines. I tasted a few of their wines over the years back home in Toronto and was thoroughly impressed, thus increasing my desire to the visit the winery. It was founded by Jess Stonestreet Jackson (of Jackson Family Wines) and Barbara Banke in 1995 and has since been passed on to their son Christopher Jackson and his wife Ariel. As we tasted through the lineup, we were told that the grapes for the wines came from the mountain seen in the far distance between the two mountains in the fore (pictured above/left). There is a very cool digital mountain map on their website that shows where each of their vineyards are located on the mountain. It would have been very cool to go to the vineyards to get a closer look - perhaps on my next visit? Nevertheless, the wines here are excellent!

Holdredge Red Barn
The next stop, as we made our way back to home base, was Holdredge Wines - a small, family winery located within the town of Healdsburg. It was chosen based on a recommendation from a friend of a friend, and also on the fact that these wines aren't available in Ontario. The winery exists in a red barn that dates back to the late 1800s and has a long, rich history of continuous use, including during prohibition! The husband and wife team of John and Carri Holdredge (unfortunately didn't get to meet either of them) formed the winery back in 2001 with the intention of making what they knew best - Zinfandel and Syrah. However, that same year, renowned grower Saralee Kunde offered to sell some Pinot Noir to John and the wine took off. Today, Holdredge Wines now works with 14 different Pinot Vineyards all over Sonoma County - and no Zinfandel or Syrah. The wines are produced in a minimal interventionist style and I managed to taste through 6 Pinots - each sourced from a different vineyard - and there wasn't a bad wine in the group. I enjoyed all of them and am somewhat regretting the fact that I didn't pick up a bottle or two to bring to home as they offered relatively good value.

Holdredge Wine Lineup

Holdredge Winery

Inman Family Wines
Our third stop of the day was in the heart of the Russian River Valley at Inman Family Wines. The same fellow that recommended Holdredge Wines also recommended this small, family winery. The Inman story begins in the year 2000, when the Inman Family planted seven+ acres of Pinot Noir, and a patch of Pinot Gris on their ten-acre Olivet Grange property on Olivet Road. Winemaker Kathleen Inman's love for gardening began as a child and continues to this day, and in our brief conversation showed a lot passion and enthusiasm for her wines. The winery is committed to employing environmentally responsible, sustainable farming practices and using natural winemaking techniques. The organic fertilizers used in the vineyard are nutrient-rich and named "Four-Course Compost" because it is derived from the table scraps of high-end San Francisco restaurants. Production is small, with only 5,000 cases produced, and every wine is capped under Stelvin screw cap. We sat outside on the patio and tasted through quite a few wines, with reviews of my favourites - all single vineyard Pinot Noir - provided below. Unfortunately, these quality wines are also not available in Ontario.

La Crema Estate at Saralee's Vineyard
The final stop of the day was a short drive away to La Crema Winery. The winery was founded in 1979, but in June 2016 they opened up their new estate at Saralee's Vineyard. The centrepiece is the visitor experience centre sits in an historic barn that dates back to 1900 and sits on a knoll overlooking the storied Saralee's Vineyard. It was a bit chilly and windy outdoors, so we opted for only a tour of the building. Originally a hop barn, it later became the family home of Richard and Saralee Kunde, and thus felt very warm, cozy and inviting. This is a place where you can come visit, lose sense of time, and easily spend a whole afternoon tasting the many different wines on offer. We ended up spending the most time here as there were many delicious wines to taste, but also because we got quite comfortable and found it difficult to leave. Reviews of some of my favourite La Crema wines are posted below.

Inside La Crema Estate at Saralee's Vineyard

Group Photo

Overall, I was very pleased with my first ever visit to Sonoma County. Quite often we'll see single vineyard bottles, but never get to the see the vineyard itself because it's somewhere off-property that's relatively inaccessible. One thing I really appreciated as we drove along was that there were signs at every vineyard indicating the name of that vineyard, some names which I actually recognized. To see a vineyard name on a bottle, and then be able to see the vineyard with your own eyes was quite satisfying and visualized the sense of place.

I would've preferred to visit a couple of more wineries, but the 425+ wineries in Sonoma County are widely scattered across this large region. As such, it is somewhat difficult to cover many wineries in a single day. Another trip (or five) to this region is most definitely required to fully appreciate the wines from this area, including visiting the many small, family-run houses whose wines aren't available in Ontario.

And lastly, I was very satisfied with the quality of the Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Noir I tasted on this visit. I was especially impressed with the Pinot Noir from Russian River Valley, as well as the mountain vineyard Chardonnays and Cabernet Sauvignons. If you wish to acquire any of these wines, please contact the agent in Ontario (B&W Wines) for availability and ordering of Stonestreet and La Crema wines. To order Holdredge and Inman Family wines, please contact the winery directly, or better yet - go visit them in Sonoma County in person!

Tasting Notes:

STONESTREET COUGAR RIDGE VINEYARD CHARDONNAY 2013 - Alexander Valley, Sonoma County, California, USA (D) - $55
From south-facing vineyards at an elevation of 850 feet. The nose is a bit shy, but has hints of apple, golden pear, butter, sweet vanilla and hints of pineapple. It's fairly light-weighted with fresh, crisp, balanced and very nice, ripe-fruited aroma replays showing a touch of sweetness. Nicely balanced, with hints of butterscotch, toffee, and caramel on the long finish. Score: 90 pts

Stonestreet Cougar Ridge Vineyard Chardonnay 2013 (90 pts)Stonestreet Upper Barn Chardonnay 2013 (92 pts)

STONESTREET UPPER BARN CHARDONNAY 2013 - Alexander Valley, Sonoma County, California, USA (#253542) (XD) - $90
From vines planted in 1973 at an elevation between 1,600 - 1,800 feet, this also initially had a closed that hinted at light green apple, minerals, vanilla, and butter. It really started to open up with time in the glass. Medium-bodied with balanced acids and flavours of pineapple, pear, and subtle oak spice. A delicate and elegant wine with touches of butter and vanilla notes on the long finish. Score: 92 pts

STONESTREET BEAR POINT VINEYARD CABERNET SAUVIGNON 2012 - Alexander Valley, Sonoma County, California, USA (XD) - $60
Sourced from vines at an elevation between 1,000 - 1,200 feet, this has a very lifted fruit-forward nose of dark cherry, blackberry and sweet cedar oak spices adding complexity. It's full-bodied with appealing currant, cassis, blackberry, black cherry, and sweet oak spice flavours. Acids are fresh, while the ripe, refined tannins provide support, handling the 14.5% abv well. There's very good depth of fruit. Excellent length on the finish with a fine mineral streak. Score: 91 pts

Stonestreet Bear Point Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon 2012 (91 pts)Stonestreet Rockfall Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon 2012 (93 pts)

STONESTREET ROCKFALL VINEYARD CABERNET SAUVIGNON 2012 - Alexander Valley, Sonoma County, California, USA (#249367) (XD) - $100
From vines at 2,200 feet above sea level and above the fog line, this warmer site has produced a Cab that's highly aromatic that's earthy and terroir-driven profile, backed by black cherry, blackberry, and dark currant notes. It's full-bodied with firm tannins and nicely balanced, complex aroma replays. Acids are mouth-watering, while the finish length is excellent and offers currant and hints of mint and cassis flavours. Still a bit tight and should be better in 2-3 and enjoy over the next decade or two. Score: 93 pts

HOLDREDGE "SHAKEN NOT STIRRED" PINOT NOIR 2013 - Russian River Valley, Sonoma County, California, USA (XD) - $45
Made from only the Martini clone from Saralee's Vineyard, this offers a lovely complex bouquet of cherry, cola, black tea, black cherry and some earthy aromas of medium-to-high intensity. It's light-weighted with refined tannins with appealing fruit-forward aroma replays along with some earthy spice notes. Acids are bright and refreshing, while the finish length is excellent. Score: 91 pts

Holdredge "Shaken Not Stirred" Pinot Noir 2013 (91 pts)Holdredge "The True" Pinot Noir 2014 (91+ pts)

HOLDREDGE "THE TRUE" PINOT NOIR 2014 - Sonoma Coast, California, USA (XD) - $50
The grapes for this wine are from a single-vineyard in Annapolis, in northern Sonoma. Highly aromatic with lovely floral, black tea, cherry and mineral nose. It's medium-bodied with very nice aroma replays on the palate supported by good tannic structure and crisp, fresh acids. Excellent finish length. Drinking well now, but will improve in 3-4 years. Score: 91+ pts

HOLDREDGE "JUDGMENT TREE" PINOT NOIR 2013 - Russian River Valley, Sonoma County, California, USA (XD) - $70
From the Rochioli Vineyard, 5 miles south of the winery, this has clean, well-balanced and complex aromas of black tea, cherry, earth and sweet spice aromas. It is medium-bodied on the palate with racy acids, fine tannic structure, and very nice aroma replays. Harmonious and showing plenty of finesse, while also having juicy acids and a long-lasting finish. Highly drinkable now, but should improve further over the coming 5 years. Score: 92 pts

Holdredge "Judgment Tree" Pinot Noir 2013 (92 pts)

INMAN FAMILY SEXTON ROAD RANCH PINOT NOIR 2013 - Sonoma Coast, California, USA (XD) - $68
The nose is medium-to-high intensity and features lovely ripe fruited cherry, earth and spice aromas. It's medium-bodied with integrated, crunchy tannins and a flavour profile that continues from the aromas, joined by compelling incense flavours. It has juicy acids and finishes long with exotic spice notes. Score: 90 pts

Inman Family Sexton Road Ranch Pinot Noir 2013 (90 pts)Inman Family Thorn Ridge Ranch Pinot Noir 2012 (90+ pts)

INMAN FAMILY THORN RIDGE RANCH PINOT NOIR 2012 - Russian River Valley, Sonoma County, California, USA (XD) - $68
Medium-high intensity nose offers lovely black tea, earth, dark cherry, and blackberry aromas. The palate is medium-bodied with very nice, well-balanced aroma replays, and tannins that are a touch chalky. Nicely spiced mid-palate. The finish is a touch on the sweet side, showing some mature dried fruit/floral characters. Lovely stuff. Score: 90+ pts

INMAN FAMILY OGV ESTATE PINOT NOIR 2013 - Russian River Valley, Sonoma County, California, USA (XD) - $73
The medium-high intensity nose has appealing aromas of cherry, sweet spice, and some dried cherry and floral aromas. It's medium-bodied with refined tannins providing an elegantly structured mouthfeel and very pleasing aroma replays. Balanced acids. Nice wood spice notes linger on the long finish. Drinkable now or age at least 3 years and drink to 2024. Score: 92 pts

Inman Family OGV Estate Pinot Noir 2013 (92 pts)

LA CREMA SARALEE'S VINEYARD PINOT NOIR 2013 - Russian River Valley, California, USA (XD) - $50
Aged in a mix of new and used French oak for 9 months, this has complex medium-high intensity aromas of bing cherry, earth, cola, white pepper and mushroom. The palate is medium-bodied with gritty tannins, fresh acids and nice earthy aroma replays along with hints of dark cherry. Fine finish length. Score: 89 pts

La Crema Saralee's Vineyard Pinot Noir 2013 (89 pts)La Crema Fog Veil Pinot Noir 2013 (89 pts)

LA CREMA FOG VEIL PINOT NOIR 2013 - Russian River Valley, California, USA (XD) - $50
Sourced from a vineyard located in the Santa Rosa Plains, this has medium-high intensity aromas of tea leaves, red cherry and plum. On the light-to-medium bodied palate, it has flavours of dark berry, cherry, black plum and subtle oak spice. It has balanced acids, refined tannins, and a long, spiced finish. Score: 89 pts

LA CREMA CHEHALEM MOUNTAINS PINOT NOIR 2012 - Willamette Valley, Oregon, USA (XD) - $45
Medium-high aromatics offer pretty hibiscus flower, tea leaves, red cherry and more exotic floral notes. It's light-weighted with lovely floral aroma replays. Acids are balanced and crunchy tannins are well-integrated. The finish is long with hints of dried fruit. Score: 90 pts

La Crema Chehalem Mountains Pinot Noir 2012 (90 pts)

All prices in this post are the local price in Sonoma in USD.

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  • Date publishedMonday, February 13, 2017

Domaine J. Laurens Le Moulin Brut Blanquette de Limoux (France) - Wine Review

I opened up this lovely sparkling wine evening in conjunction with wedding anniversary celebrations.

It is produced by Domaine J. Laurens, located in the small village of La Digne d'Aval in the south of France, less than 5 kms from Limoux. The primary grape within Limoux is Mauzac, and the region is considered to be the first to produce sparkling white wines, even before Champagne, with historical texts dating back nearly 500 years. The story goes like this: Blanquette de Limoux was created in 1531 in the cellars of Benedictine Saint Hilaire Abbey when a monk discovered that the wine he had bottled and carefully corked formed bubbles, after a second fermentation, thereby producing the world's first sparkling wine.

The climate in this area where the domain is located is a mix of Mediterranean and Atlantic influences with hot and sunny days, followed by cool nights. These are the ideal conditions in which to have perfect acid-sugar balance - a fundamental element in the taste of sparkling wines.

This delicious Limoux sparkling wine will be available in LCBO VINTAGES on .

Domaine J. Laurens Le Moulin Brut Blanquette de Limoux (89 pts)

Tasting Note:

DOMAINE J. LAURENS LE MOULIN BRUT BLANQUETTE DE LIMOUX - Traditional method, AC, France (#180323) (XD) - $19.95
Blend of 90% Mauzac and 10% Chardonnay. Faint citrus and floral aromas from the cork. Yeasty aromas of green apple, pear, citrus, and delicate floral with a biscuity, leesy, yeasty character on the nose that continues on the fruity palate. It has nice, crunchy acids that balances the sweetness. Energetic bubbles. Finishes dry with bitter notes and very good length. Ideal as an apertif. Score: 89 pts

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  • Date publishedMonday, February 13, 2017

VINTAGES Release February 18: Australia + Ontario + Israel

LCBO Wine Picks from February 18, 2017 VINTAGES Release
The upcoming VINTAGES Release on will be on LCBO shelves across Ontario this and features diverse wines from Australia as its main theme, while the mini-theme highlights award-winning wines from Ontario. There's also a third feature - a mini-theme on wines from Israel for upcoming Passover celebrations.

Wines from each of the five major wine regions of Australia are represented in the main thematic, with a total of fourteen wines listed, six of which are included among my wine picks. The island of Tasmania is known for their sparkling wines, and the wine featured in this release is a blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. On to mainland Australia, from Victoria in South Eastern Australia is the Fowles Stone Dwellers Shiraz, and from Coonawarra is a Penfolds Shiraz. Barossa is one of my favourite Australian wine regions, and both wines listed are blends - Yalumba's The Strapper GSM (Grenache/Shiraz/Mataro) and Oscar's Shiraz/Viognier. And lastly, from Clare Valley on the western side of South Eastern Australia is Jim Barry's Lodge Hill Shiraz. You'll find that most wines from Australia these days use a screw cap enclosure, which certainly makes opening a bottle of wine that much easier.

Only four wines were chosen for the award-winning Ontario wines feature, and two are included among my wine picks. The excellent Tawse Sketches of Niagara Riesling is a returnee to VINTAGES, while the other wine is a Marsanne. Yes, I didn't know Ontario made any Marsanne either.

Red wines from the rest of the release include a Bierzo Crianza that is back in VINTAGES and is made with Mencía, while the Vino Nobile di Montepulciano is a blend of 90% Prugnolo Gentile (Sangiovese clone) and 10% Merlot. Also from Tuscany is the Ghizzano that's a blend of 70% Sangiovese and 30% Cabernet Sauvignon. And finally, single varietal wines include the Saint-Joseph from Rhône that is 100% Syrah, and the Lungarotti (which is a Flagship Store Exclusive [FSE]) which is 100% Sagrantino.

Lungarotti Sagrantino di Montefalco 2010 (92 pts)Abad Dom Bueno Crianza 2006 (90 pts)

In white wines, the Greek wine is a blend of 80% Sauvignon Blanc and 20% Assyrtiko, while the Rhône white is a blend of 40% Roussanne, 30% Grenache Blanc, 15% Clairette, 10% Viognier, and 5% Bourboulenc.

Fielding Estate Bottled Riesling 2015 (89 pts)Domaine Costa Lazaridi Amethystos White 2015 (88 pts)

From my sparkling wine recommendations, the Champagne is a blend of 60% Pinot Meunier, 30 Chardonnay and 10% Pinot Noir, while the Limoux is a blend of 90% Mauzac and 10% Chardonnay.

Domaine J. Laurens Le Moulin Brut Blanquette de Limoux (89 pts)

Red Wine:

  • ABAD DOM BUENO CRIANZA 2006 - DO Bierzo, Spain (#244699) (XD) - $15.95  reviewed here
  • SANTA CAROLINA SPECIALTIES DRY FARMING CARIGNAN 2012 - Cauquenes Valley, Chile (#213520) (XD) - $17.95
  • OSCAR’S ESTATE VINEYARD SHIRAZ/VIOGNIER 2013 - Barossa Valley, South Australia (#287961) (XD) - $18.95
  • FOWLES STONE DWELLERS SHIRAZ 2013 - Strathbogie Ranges, Victoria, Australia (#265967) (D) - $19.95
  • YALUMBA THE STRAPPER GSM 2014 - Barossa Valley, South Australia (#295873) (D) - $19.95
  • JIM BARRY THE LODGE HILL SHIRAZ 2013 - Clare Valley, South Australia (#998476) (XD) - $24.95
  • TENUTA DI GHIZZANO VENEROSO 2012 - DOC Terre di Pisa, Tuscany, Italy (#103218) (XD) - $29.95
  • PENFOLDS BIN 128 SHIRAZ 2014 - Coonawarra, South Australia (#509919) (XD) - $34.95
  • MAISON NICOLAS PERRIN SAINT-JOSEPH 2013 - AC, Rhône, France (#225052) (XD) - $39.95
  • LUNGAROTTI SAGRANTINO DI MONTEFALCO 2010 - DOCG, Umbria, Italy (#315499) (D) - $42.95  FSE  reviewed here
  • CIACCI PICCOLOMINI D’ARAGONA BRUNELLO DI MONTALCINO 2011 - DOCG, Tuscany, Italy (#001065) (XD) - $71.95

White Wine:

  • SENTIERI PECORINO 2015 - DOC, Abruzzo, Italy (#477752) (XD) - $15.95
  • TAWSE SKETCHES OF NIAGARA RIESLING 2014 - VQA Niagara Peninsula, Ontario, Canada (#089029) (M) - $18.95
  • DOMAINE COSTA LAZARIDI AMETHYSTOS WHITE 2015 - PGI Drama, Greece (#984864) (XD) - $19.95  reviewed here
  • CHÂTEAU DE NAGES VIEILLES VIGNES COSTIÈRES DE NÎMES 2014 - AC, Rhône, France (#479659) (XD) - $19.95
  • KEW MARSANNE 2014 - VQA Beamsville Bench, Niagara Escarpment, Ontario, Canada (#485334) (XD) - $19.95
  • FIELDING ESTATE BOTTLED RIESLING 2015 - VQA Beamsville Bench, Niagara Escarpment, Ontario, Canada (#251439) (M) - $19.95  reviewed here
  • CRAGGY RANGE TE MUNA ROAD SINGLE VINEYARD SAUVIGNON BLANC 2015 - Martinborough, North Island, New Zealand (#466011) (XD) - $25.95
  • PASCAL BOUCHARD BEAUROY CHABLIS 1ER CRU 2015 - AC, Burgundy, France (#994350) (XD) - $34.95
  • PLANETA CHARDONNAY 2014 - DOC Sicilia, Italy (#485102) (XD) - $45.95  FSE

Sparkling Wine:

  • DOMAINE J. LAURENS LE MOULIN BRUT BLANQUETTE DE LIMOUX - Traditional method, AC, France (#180323) (XD) - $19.95  reviewed here
  • JANSZ PREMIUM CUVÉE SPARKLING WHITE - Tasmania, Australia (#566828) (D) - $26.95


  • TAYLOR FLADGATE VINTAGE PORT 2003 - DOC Douro, Portugal (#951962) (S) - $139.95  FSE

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  • Date publishedSaturday, February 4, 2017

Mas des Bressades Cuvée Tradition Blanc 2015 (Rhône) - Wine Review

wine was purchased last year from the LCBO VINTAGES Release and only a few bottles of this dry white wine are still available at the LCBO. It's a good one, especially at this price point.

Mas des Bressades Cuvée Tradition Blanc 2015 (89 pts)

Tasting Note:

MAS DES BRESSADES CUVÉE TRADITION BLANC 2015 - AP Costières de Nîmes, Rhône, France (#701094) (XD) - $17.95
A blend of Roussanne, Marsanne, Grenache Blanc and Viognier. Fresh lemon and white floral aromas from the cork. Very good intensity on the nose with earthy/mineral aromas, along with lemon, floral, grapefruit and hints of peach. Full flavoured on the oily, medium-bodied palate with notes of lemon, white peach, and floral. Balanced by fine acidity. Juicy with lovely orange blossom notes that arrive mid-palate and continue through to the finish. Enjoy over the next 2-3 years. Score: 89 pts

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