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  • Wednesday, September 14, 2011

2008 Bordeaux + Pinots + New Zealand: September 17 Vintages Release

The next LCBO Vintages Release on doesn't appear to be your typical release because it focuses on 2 rather unique, and interesting subjects - the sleeper 2008 Bordeaux Vintage, and comparing Pinot Noirs from Oregon & Burgundy. The 3rd highlight in this release are high-scoring (but very pricey) wines from New Zealand.

Among the 2008 Bordeaux's, only one made my list - the Vintages "Wine of the Month" Fayan (#243295). I'm a big fan of good Pinot Noirs - most people love this grape or hate it. Which side of the fence are you on? The Red Shot Lane from Willamette looks very intriguing and is a must buy for any Pinot lovers.

The rest of my selections from this release all look very good, included among them is a rare Pinot Gris from B.C. Also noticeable is the absence of any Ontario wines this week, as they had their own "Special Edition" Release last weekend. Enjoy!

Red Wine:
  • RED SHOT LANE PINOT NOIR 2009 - Willamette Valley, Oregon, USA (#242560) (XD) - $18.95
  • EMILIANA WINEMAKER’S SELECTION SYRAH/MOURVÈDRE 2007 - Los Robles, Colchagua Valley, Chile (#243394) (XD) - $18.95
  • CHÂTEAU FAYAN 2008 - AC Puisseguin-Saint-Émilion, Bordeaux, France (#243295) (XD) - $18.95
  • VIÑA COBOS FELINO CABERNET SAUVIGNON 2008 - Mendoza, Argentina (#132365) (XD) - $19.95
  • JIP JIP ROCKS SHIRAZ 2009 - Padthaway, South Australia, Australia (#673897) (D) - $16.95

White Wine:
  • GEHRINGER BROTHERS PRIVATE RESERVE PINOT GRIS 2009 - VQA Okanagan Valley, British Columbia, Canada (#347203) (XD) - $17.95
  • JOSEPH CATTIN GEWURZTRAMINER 2009 - AC Alsace, France (#224626) (D) - $16.95


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